About CyLing

Members of the CyLing executive committee:

President: Spyros ArmostIs (University of Cyprus)
Secretary: Svetlana Karpava (University of Cyprus)
Assistant Secretary: Popi Theophanous (Ministry of Education)
Treasurer: Düriye Gökçebağ (University of Cyprus)
Press Officer: Elisavet Kiourti (University of Nicosia)
Committee Member: Natalia Pavlou (University of Cyprus)
Committee Member: Lisa Solomou (Ministry of Education)


The Linguistics Forum was initiated in October 2002 by a small group of Cyprus-based linguists. The main aims of this Forum were to (a) serve as a floor, a Forum, for discussion and dialogue among linguists residing in Cyprus (mainly academics serving in the various departments of the University of Cyprus, the local private Institutions of Higher Education and Language Centers), (b) host the presentation of research papers in all areas of theoretical and applied linguistics, and (c) organize debates, reading groups and conferences.

In February 2003, a special meeting was held to discuss the future of the Forum and to examine a proposal for the formation of the Cyprus Linguistic Society (CyLing). A steering committee was formed with the mandate to prepare the Constitution and Rules of the Society, to set the criteria for admission, to collect the necessary signatures and other required documentation and to apply to the authorities for official registration (a list of the founding members of the Society are listed on a separate page). The application was submitted in September of 2005 and the Society finally received its official approval in May 2007.

In the five academic years of its operation, under the leadership and guidance of Professor Andreas Papapavlou, of the Department of English Studies of the University of Cyprus, the Forum organized around 30 meetings (amounting to six meetings per academic year) that included presentations by local and international researchers and academics, including such figures as Professor Jim Cummins, (Canada), Peter Patrick (UK), Piet van de Craen (Belgium), Ianthi-Maria Tsimpli (Greece) and Engin Sezer (Turkey).

The first official General Meeting of the Society was held in June 2007 and the first elections were carried out for the selection of the Executive Committee of the Society. The following have been was unanimously elected to serve for a two-year period:

President, Professor Andreas Papapavlou (University of Cyprus),
Vice-President, Professor Anna Panayiotou-Triantafyllopoulou (University of Cyprus),
Secretary, Associate Professor Pavlos Pavlou (University of Cyprus),
Associate Secretary, Assistant Professor Antri Papakyriakou (University of Nicosia),
Treasurer, Lecturer Maria Christodoulidou (Frederick University),
Press Officer, Assistant Professor Phoevos Panayiotides (University of Cyprus)
The Society’s aspirations are high and those elected on the executive board are committed to the success and progress of CyLing.


President, Professor Andreas Papapavlou (University of Cyprus),
Secretary, Assistant Professor Dimitra Karoulla-Vrikki (European University Cyprus),
Assistant Secretary: Lecturer Maria Christodoulidou (Frederick University),
Treasurer, Lecturer Andry Sophocleous (University of Nicosia)
Press Officer, Research Assistant: Charalambos Themistocleous (University of Cyprus)

You may find the constitution of CyLing here.