Dear Sir or Madam,

On behalf of the Committee for Philology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw Branch (Poland); Philological School of Higher Education in Wroclaw (Poland); Institute of Linguistics, University of Malta and International Communicology Institute, Washington D.C., USA we would like to cordially invite you participate in the 2014 edition of Languages in Contact conference, held in Wroclaw, Poland, 17–18 May 2014.

The main areas of interest of the conference include:

  • conceptions about the origin of language and languages,
  • endangered and vanishing languages,
  • the ecology of minority languages,
  • anthropological linguistics,
  • cultural patterns in discursive practices,
  • folk-linguistics and folk-anthropology,
  • mechanisms of language change (and language death),
  • the description and classification (genetic, aerial, typological) of the languages of the world,
  • the ethnography of communication,
  • studies of pidgin, creole and mixed languages,
  • the origins and spread of writing systems,
  • field linguistics.

For more details please consult the call for papers and conference posters:


Jacek Mianowski, PhD

Call_Languages in Contact 2014 .pdf