Job position in Lisbon on early markers in language development
Neuroscience, Language acquisition: Post Doc, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Research Project /Eyes and Brain Early Markers of Language Development/(EBELa) Phonetics Lab and Lisbon Baby Lab, CLUL/FLUL, University of Lisbon EXCL/MHC-LIN/0688/2012 1 Post Doc position Full text of the Post Doc position announcement (BPD-EBELa_0688/2012_CLUL):

Grant description and goals: Applications are invited from postdoctoral researchers with a background in language acquisition and neurosciences for a Postdoc position within the project/Eyes and Brain Early Markers of Language Development/. This project will investigate early markers of language development in European Portuguese, following a multi-methodology approach to a set of potential early markers, using both eye-tracking and ERP measures ( Application deadline: 06 August 2013
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