Welcome to the Cyprus Linguistics Society (CyLing). The CyLing was initiated in October 2002 by a small group of Cyprus-based linguists. The main aims of this Forum were to (a) serve as a floor, a Forum, for discussion and dialogue among linguists residing in Cyprus (mainly academics serving in the various departments of the University of Cyprus, the local private Institutions of Higher Education and Language Centers), (b) host the presentation of research papers in all areas of theoretical and applied linguistics, and (c) organize debates, reading groups and conferences (more). You may find the constitution of CyLing hereJoin us.

CyLing Newsletter 2021 [In Greek]


In the Press
[04.08.2014] Dr. Marilena Karyolemou, President of Cyling, Discusses CyLing’s Roles and Activities. Newspaper Politis [In Greek].

[24.08.2014] Dr. Marilena Karyolemou, President of Cyling, Language in Cyprus. Newspaper Politis [In Greek].